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Hi there! My name is Kaylee! For the past ten years I've had a passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I started teaching workout classes about 7 years ago when I really fell in love with fitness. Since then,  I've researched and learned a lot about nutrition and different exercises and their effects on the body.  I am also a Cosmetologist at a local salon where I love to make people feel beautiful!  When I first started having an interest in fitness , I was solely a runner. I started running half marathons whenever I could get a chance.  I ran my first full marathon in 2013 in just under 4 hours. I was so happy to find my boyfriend at the finish line where he proposed! We have now been married over two years and we share a passion for fitness and nutrition and help motivate each other. We have one energetic baby boy, Quinn, and two fur babies. In the past couple years, I've really focused more on lifting and HIIT workouts. I have also started focusing a lot more on nutrition and really fell in love with the outcome. Mixing together all my hobbies, I have decided to create a business to share my mommy lifestyle, fitness, recipes, baby and beauty tips. 


Contact me: thefitmommyonline@yahoo.com



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