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            I’ve learned many things in the past 8 ½ months since baby Quinn was born. Pre-baby, I was at my strongest and leanest body. I really thought I would be one of the ones that bounced back immedately, not that I gained tons of weight during my pregnancy, only the ideal 20-25#’s. Two weeks after Quinn was born, I was back to my pre-baby weight, I definitely had a different mommy shape.


First off, I worked out my entire pregnacy. I worked out as often as I could and went for long runs. I stuck to my same healthy eating plans. If I didn’t feel up to working out, I went for an hour long walk with my dogs. I ended up having an unplanned C-section, which left my middle section very swollen and inflammed for months. I returned to working out as soon as I could. The surgery messed with my belly a little bit and so my diet changed slightly. I cleaned up my eating a lot about a month after Quinn was born. I wasnt able to button clothes over my scar for a few months. 


After eight weeks I was full force back to my eating plan and working out hoping to see immedate changes. Well, this is when I started to learn a lot of things. First off, I was still getting no sleep but found time to workout. Quinn loved watching me workout from his bouncy chair and I loved getting in a good sweat session, but I was dissapointed I wasnt seeing changes. Someone at the gym actually asked me if I wasnt pregnant again! 



 A few months went by, I was back to work and had even less free time. I continued to meal prep and get in my workouts, but was getting very frustrated I still wasnt seeing changes. Actually, I think I gained a few pounds. Now some mothers that breastfeed say the fat just fell off of them. This wasnt true in my case. My body actually held on to fat so it could feed my little bambino. I really thought by six months postpartum I would be close to pre- preprangy weight. I was wrong. I did start to see some changes. I’m going to credit it to hormones dropping slightly. By seven months postpartum I started to see the most change and some old shorts started to fit again. I’m now eight and half months postparum. I actually bought a new pair of jeans yesterday in my old size! I’m no where near my pre-baby figure, but I’ve learned patience is key. Be patient with yourself. You now are lucky to get sleep at night, lucky if baby naps long enough to workout, throw in a load of laundry and take a shower. Also, don’t forget you are now a food source, so you are ravenous at all times of the day and in the middle of the night. Sometimes chowing down on whatever is in sight. Changes are happening just slightly more slowly then before. I’m getting stronger again, I’m getting leaner again and I’ll get back into my clothes again. I’ve learned to be patient and relax because I’ve traded it all in for the love of the little guy that calls me Mommy.


Top row- 7 weeks pregnant, 6 months pregnant, 9 months pregnant
bottom row-3 months postpartum , 6 months postpartum, 8 months postpartum



Patiences really does pay off. This is my transformation so far to date 1 year Postpartum. 




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