Which Car Seat Should I Buy?

There are so many car seats to choose from, leaving you confused and overwhelmed!  I am sure this happened to many of you as well.  I walked into Babies R Us to choose a car seat before my baby was born. I turned right around and walked back out to head home and do massive amounts of researching online. After researching and checking reviews, I made my decision and knew exactly what I was going to purchase. Read below what brand I chose and if I I'm happy with my choice.



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Okay….. so the first thing on your list that you will need when coming from the hospital is an infant car seat. This car seat must be safe and installed correctly.  Your baby is very very small and very fragile. We all want a car seat that is easy to install. Who has time to mess around with buckling and unbuckling every time you run into the store. So, I knew I wanted convenience, so I was leaning towards a car seat with a base. I also wanted a stroller I could use in conjunction with the car seat as a travel set.  This is why I chose a bundle including the cars seat, base and stroller. I chose the Britax B-safe 35 Elite.

Which car seat should I buy? Britax car seat review.

As quoted off the Britax website, "The B-Safe 35 Elite provides an extra layer of side impact protection, quick-adjust head protection, our trademark SafeCell Impact Protection, impact-absorbing base, steel frame and easy installation mean you protect your child with the best."

Alright, we were good to go. We bought two additional bases: one for my husband’s car and one for my mother’s car. This way we can transfer our sleeping baby from one car to the next when trading off for babysitting.

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Britax B-Safe 35/B-Safe Elite Base
Britax B-Ready Stroller and B-Safe 35 Travel System Bundle - Black

I personally love this car seat. It's very light weight in my opinion, but still feels very sturdy. Some car seats feel like they have nothing to them and feel like they could crumble if you dropped them. The Britax infant car seat buckles very easily so getting my baby in and out was a piece of cake. I am confident he is buckled correctly every time. This car seat is the perfect size so I have no problem carrying him in a store if the weather is very dreary.

Now my little guy is 13 months old and can still fit in this car seat. He must be a small guy. But we have purchased his next "big boy" car seat, of course sticking with the same brand. He has used his new car seat a few times so far. We chose the Britax Boulevard Click Tight car seat.

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Britax USA Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat, Circa

As you can see, Quinn seems to think this car seat is pretty comfy! 


The Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat has the safest and easiest installation as stated on the website. This seat has 2 layers of side impact protection while their higher model, the Advocate, has an additional layer. When checking the car seats out in person I felt the Boulevard car seat shell seemed very thick and protecting, offering a lot of cushion. This is why we chose this one verses The Marathon ClickTight, which only has one layer. This car seat also has a steel frame, impact absorbing base and foam- lined head rest. The Boulevard car seat can be used forward or rear facing. It is safe for children 5-65 pounds, but only facing forward for children that are 20-65 pound. This car seat has multiple reclining levels, but you must adjust it before installing.

The top of line model from Britax is The Advocate ClickTight ARB Convertible. This includes the ClickTight Installation System and is their safest car seat. This one offers three layers of side impact protection, an impact-absorbing base and steel frame. The Advocate can be purchased with the Anti-Rebound Bar(ARB) or without, as is true for all their Click Tight models. The Anti-Rebound Bar minimizes forces associated with crashes by stabilizing the car seat when installed rear-facing. You can also purchase the Anti-Rebound Bar separately and install it on any of the click tight models for about $40. I guess this would be good if you travel a lot especially on highways.



Do you need the click tight feature? ClickTight Installation System is much easier to install and doesn’t require the use the of the vehicle car latches. ClickTight allows you to achieve a safe install without all the effort – no shoving, kneeing or yanking required.  ClickTight does all the work for you.

 1.  Turn the ClickTight Key to Open
  2.  Thread and Connect the Vehicle Seat Belt
  3.  Click it Closed!
The unique combination of an extremely simple yet secure installation allows you to install with real confidence every time.

Which one to choose? Well depending on how much you drive, and the safety of your car, you can make a decision on how many layers of protection you need. We went with the middle, with two layers of protection. The Advocate, Boulevard, and Marathon car seat differ in price at about $100.00- $150.00.



So again, I'm pretty happy with my Britax Boulevard Click Tight car seat with two layers of protection. Leave a comment below if you have a Britax car seat and let me know if you think it was a good buy!

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