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Below read my budget friendly tips on how to have a successful trip to Disney with a Baby! YES, we decided to plan a trip when my baby was 10 months old! Of course I had tons of people ask me why you would take a baby to Disney! My response, I'm not taking a baby to Disney, my baby is coming to Disney with us! We have no regrets for braving the parks with our little guy! It was a very pleasant, fun, successful trip! I'm certain these tips with work for any parent planning a trip!



Plan to stay at a Disney Resort.  It's definitely worth the money to stay on grounds.  There are so many perks to staying at a Disney resort, from making your trip more comfortable to making it so much easier on your entire family! 


The first reason why you should stay on grounds is: most Disney resorts offer pack n plays or cribs. Just make sure to ask ahead of time. They will have it sent to your room! You can also rent an affordable crib. This is actually what we did. We wanted to make sure our little guy was as comfy as he was at home! No one wants a grouchy baby, or mommy, for that matter.




Disney Resorts offer free transportation: The Disney Magical Express will take you from the Orlando International Airport to any of the Disney Resorts. This is completely free for being a Disney Guest. Not worrying about needing a car seat for travel is another great reason to utilize DME. Another amazing thing that happens when you use the Magical Express, is not having to lug your checked baggage to the resort. Disney will do all of that for you! Your luggage will magically appear in your resort room! This makes life so easy when you have kids and or a baby traveling with you. Fewer melt downs and less time trying to entertain the kids at the airport. Exit the plane and make a mad dash for the DME, you could be enjoying a park or dining within an hour of exiting the plane.  Disney also offers resort to park busing. This make transportation very easy all over the Disney grounds, just make sure you allow plenty of time to catch the bus and ride to the parks.  When booking your trip, ask for adjoining rooms or first floor rooms. Be sure to place your request far in advanced as the resorts fill up fast! We like to call the resort 3 days before arriving, just to make our requests are noted.






Disney Resorts have refrigerators. This makes saving food and eating some meals at the resort very affordable. Disney is also very accommodating: after all it is the happiest place on earth.  Any time we have had a challenge or complaint, the cast members have been very eager to help us out. From concierge, to “mouse”keeping, to bell services, all of the cast members go out of their way to make your stay magical.



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How to Survive Disney World with a Baby!

Be sure to pack as many necessities as you can comfortably fit into your suitcases.  Packing food, diapers, coolers and handy items will save you valuable time and money on your trip and we all know if you have ever been to Disney every minute counts!  But don’t fret if you have forgotten something. Every park offers a Baby Station that is well stocked with all the necessary items. Actually, the prices didn’t seem too bad either. They have everything from diapers, to popular baby food, pacifiers and even pacifier clips!

Below I've outlined a quick list of things to pack! If you want to know more on why and what exactly we took, check out my Blog- What to pack when you are taking a baby to Disney.



1. Pack baby food in plastic containers or pouches. Also, baby utensils and a small cooler will be needed.


2. Take a good camera.


3. Take baby’s infant car seat on the airplane if you able to afford a ticketed seat for baby. Our baby traveled so comfortably during the flight and we were able to easily entertain him.


4.Pack a baby carrier you can wear, such as Ergo, that baby can be carried either forward facing or snuggle close to mommy.


5. Pack Glow in the dark bracelets and battery operated lights. It’s wise to attach something to your stroller to help you quickly identify it within the sea of 200+ strollers at any given attraction. The glow in dark bracelets can be attached by all four wheels making it easy to navigate thru crowds. People will see you coming!


6. Take spray bottles, cooling towels, and a stroller fan.


7. Pack diapers and baby wipes in carry-on to last a few days. We put the rest in our checked baggage.  It’s easy to over pack these items so be realistic about what you are going to actually use.  We packed 8 diapers per day and that was more than plenty. 



8. Pack little swimmers, baby hats and sunscreen. Also, muslin breathable blankets are great for keeping sun off baby.


9.Take laundry detergent pods. Let’s face it, you are going to have to wash a load or two while traveling with baby. 


10. Take baby noise reduction head phones. These can be a lifesaver during fireworks and parades.


Baby Banz EMBB Hearing Protection, 0-2 Years, Blue



11 Take a blow up baby pool to be used for a bathtub. These cost only a few dollars and are a safe way to give baby a bath. We pitched ours right before leaving. One less item to take home.  Also take bath items.


12. Pack plastic ziploc bags of all sizes. These can be used for washcloths or to carry snacks in. I like to pack baby’s extra outfits in a gallon sized Ziploc, this makes outfit changes easy as you now have a bag to store soiled or wet clothes in.


13. Infant Tylenol is must. Hopefully you won’t need to use it, but it’s nice to have it on hand.


14.Pack baby toys and pool toys. Purchasing fun new toys for the trip is a good idea, so baby has something new and exciting to entertain them.  


15. Baby blankets and clothes for any weather condition. Muslin blankets also make a great sunshield clip across the front of the stroller, making nap time much easier.




Rent a stroller from one of the Orlando Rental Companies. We used a company we found that rented very nice, we'll maintain strollers. Strollers can easily get damages on the airlines, so why take a chance and ruin and your costly stroller. Most companies offer per day or weekly rental and this was really worth it to us. Find a comfortable stroller, as baby will spend a lot of time napping and site seeing in it! Be sure to watch a video of how to operate the rental stroller, if it is on you haven’t used before. Viewing stroller videos is how we chose the perfect stroller for our trip.  We chose the Baby Jogger City Select as it offer parent facing seat and easy to position seat. The large coverage canopy is must in the hot Orlando sun. 

We also decided last minute to rent a baby jumparoo for our resort room. My little guy was 10 months old and wanting to stand up and crawl around. He loved stretching his legs in the jumparoo after being in the stroller all day at the park! The jumparoo is also a safe place in the resort room to keep our little ones.



Baby Jogger 2016 City Select Double Stroller with 2nd Seat, Onyx
Baby Jogger 2016 City Select Single Stroller - Onyx




Don't interfere with your baby's schedule. We tried to plan and book our reservations as timely as possible. We knew sticking to the at-home schedule would help keep meltdowns at bay. We tried to have all our meals before or after nap time. 


Plan to be at the resort or by your stroller around nap time. This can be hard to do, especially if you have a large group but it's well worth the effort. If I knew my little guy needed to nap around 9:00 a.m. I made sure to stay at the resort or be at the park around that time. This way he could sleep in the crib or in the stroller. If the next nap was at 1:00, I was sure to get from point to A to point B at this time Or sneak in as many rides as possible!



Happy baby Quinn at Chef Mickeys's  right after his nap in his stroller!


Make evening plans that allow your baby to sleep in their stroller. When we were in the park for the day, we were sure to check mark off all the rides we wanted to do before dark. My son usually goes to bed around 9:00. Now, when you are on vacation, this fluctuated and you need to adapt to vacation schedule. . I was sure to pack the baby his pj’s so he could be dressed and ready for bed once 9:00 rolled around. We were sure to ride everything in a group before it was close to bed time. Once 9:00 rolled around we did things like chow down on ice cream, watch the parade, or find a good location for fireworks.  This worked well for us because we didn't have to disturb the sleeping baby in his stroller. ( have the baby ear protection handy incase the fireworks are too loud)  At this time you can stay till the park closes, that way you only have to carry your little one on the bus home, and take him straight to the crib when you arrive at the resort!


Comment below and let me know if your planning a trip to Disney? When? Are you taking your baby? 



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  • Beth (Sunday, February 05 17 11:58 am EST)

    As the Great Aunt to this little one, I must say it could have been a long 8 days in Disney with a baby. Howevern because of all the planning, we had a great week and made lots of memories with this little guy. I must admit, it was kind of nice having baby as an excuse to squeeze in a nap with him while his mom and Grandma got a chance to have some pool time. Having adjoining rooms allowed us the opportunity to wake up to this sweet little one every morning too. It was definitely a most memorable vacation and time spent with family ?

  • Kristib (Saturday, May 06 17 04:16 pm EDT)

    I have been doing a lot of research for our upcoming trip and the tip about the glow sticks around the stroller wheels is genius! Thank you, I have them for the handle but the wheels at night is great for others to see where your pointed!

  • Christine (Monday, June 04 18 03:15 pm EDT)

    We are planning a trip with our baby. Can babies go on any rides?

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