Top 10 Reasons to Stay at Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter



Disney Port Orleans French Quarter.... O how I wish I was there now! We stayed there this past year and although Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of my favorites, I had to share with you why I will stay at Disney's Port Orleans Resort again! 



Reason 1. Beautiful scenery! I'm the type that likes to go walk around the resort and explore. I mean,  I live in dreary Ohio, if I'm going to the sunny state of Florida, I'm going to enjoy the outside as much as possible.  Along the magnolias and cobblestone streets are very charming places to sit and relax or read a book. They have horse drawn carriage rides and  a beautiful lake with ferry cruises to Disney Springs. This resort is very quiet and relaxing. Great for morning strolls along the paths and people watching.



Reason 2. French Quarter is Disney's smallest resort, giving you more quiet time, and a place to get away from crowds.

Reason 3. Awesome pool with an all new splash zone for kids. The splash zone is great entertainment for the little ones while keeping the pool less crowded. My little one loved the slash zone. He truly didn't want to leave.


Reason 4: New food court. Well, so new that  it wasn’t even open when we went a few months ago!

Reason 5. Only one bus stop. Having only one bus stop saves a lot of valuable time in transportation! The entire resort uses one bus stop, so buses come and go non-stop straight to the park and back to the resort. This saves about 20-25 minutes because you don't have to stop at multiple bus stop locations around the resort. Have you ever left the parks after a full day only to have the bus fill up before half the line was boarded?  This will not happen at French Quarter!

My Top 10 MUST KNOW Reasons to Stay at Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter.

Reason 6: Connection to Disney Port Orleans Riverside and Disney Springs. You can resort hop over to Riverside via walking or boat ride and check out their pools and food courts. Also, Disney Springs is only a boat ride away, which is great for late night adventures.  You won’t want to miss this beautiful ferry cruise as it winds thru lush woods, past the Treehouse Villas and Saratoga Springs! The view of the resorts with the nighttime lights are spectacular.

Reason 7:  Beignets!!! If you stay at this resort, you must try the mouth watering Beignets served with dipping sauces of your choice! Warm ,soft, fluffy pillows of dough! Chocolate sauce was my favorite! Here is a list of the new dipping sauces: Caramel, Raspberry, or Chicory Coffee Ganache

Reason 8. The lobby, food court and gift shop are all in close proximity. Since this resort is smaller you can easily make your way to the front desk for quick questions or shop in the gift shop while waiting on family.


Reason 9. Laundry is located right at the main pool. Usually when we have down time, we head to the pool, so this is a good time to throw in some laundry. Most of the other resorts we stayed at had laundry at smaller pools, this way you can hang out with your family and watch all the excitement and check on your laundry quickly without missing out on the fun.

Reason 10. Port Orleans is located in the Epcot Area. If you plan to frequently visit Disney Springs or Typhoon Lagoon this would be a great place for you to stay saving you a lot of time traveling. French Quarter is actually really close to Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot as well making it a great place for park hoppers. We have even timed the bus ride to Magic Kingdom at just 14 minutes.

So there you have it. My top 10 reasons why we will stay again at Port Orleans French Quarter! what is your favorite Disney Resort? Comment below and tell me why!

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    I'm always looking for hotel options for Orlando! This looks great.

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