What to Pack for a Trip to Disney with a Baby.



Planning a trip to Disney? We actually traveled to Disney this fall and we spent a lot of time preparing so everything would go smoothly.  My baby was 10 months old at the time and I'm glad we took him. We have no regrets and no bad experiences from the flight there to the flight home. We figured we would forget to pack SOMETHING we would need! But our list making skills really paid off this trip. We had everything we needed. I really feel we didn't under or over pack.



This is my go-to, MUST have list when packing to take a baby on a Disney Vacation! 



1. Pack prepackaged baby food in plastic containers or pouches. We took two containers of baby food for each day we were traveling. Also,  We packed enough baby cereal to last the trip. This worked out perfect. The food was gone by the time we had to pack our suitcases to fly home. Baby utensils and a small cooler came in very handy. When heading into the park for the day, we just packed up what we needed to make it through the day.

We found disposable baby placemats to protect baby from germs while dining, they even had Mickey Mouse on them !  These are a must have for dining out.







2. Take a good camera. Obviously, this will be your childs first trip! You have to have great memories to keep forever. This will save you some money. Although the photos on Disney Magic Maker turn out adorable, you cant afford to purchase them all!



3. Take your baby’s infant car seat on the airplane if you able to afford a ticketed seat for baby. Our baby traveled so comfortably during the flight. He was used to napping in his own seat, so this worked out perfectly. Now that is is older than one, I would consider letting him sit on my lap during the flight. Personally, if my child is under one, he will be in his car seat on the plane.

4.Pack a baby carrier you can wear.I highly recommend the Ergo Baby Carrier. I love this carrier because baby can be carried either forward facing or snuggle close to mommy. Once you get the instructions down you can swtich the carrier back and forth easily. 

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier Grey







5. Pack Glow in the dark bracelets and battery operated lights. We were really ahead on this one! It’s wise to attach something to your stroller to help you quickly identify it within the sea of 200+ strollers at any given attraction. The glow in dark bracelets can be attached by all four wheels making it easy to navigate thru crowds. People will see you coming! The BEST part about this is saving a lot of money. Disney, of course sells lights and light up toys there, but for double or triple the price.



6. Take spray bottles, cooling towels, and a stroller fan. Sometimes when you go on vacation, you over pack and take unnecessary items you never end up getting out of your suitcase. We actually needed all of these items. It gets hot, humid and sticky in Florida. You will want items to cool off and keep baby cool.


7. Pack diapers and baby wipes  to last the entire trip. In carry-on you will want enough to last a few days. We put the rest in our checked baggage.  It’s easy to over pack these items so be realistic about what you are going to actually use.  We packed 8 diapers per day and that was more than plenty. 



8. Pack little swimmers, baby hats and sunscreen. In Florida there is a lot of Sun! You will need protection and ways to stay cool. Muslin breathable blankets are great to clip over the stroller. The blankets came in handy at nap time too, keeping the stroller cool and quiet. 

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9.Take laundry detergent pods. Let’s face it, you are going to have to wash a load or two while traveling with baby. 


10. Take baby noise reduction head phones. If your little one is scared of loud noises, you will want these on the air plane.  These can be a lifesaver during fireworks and parades. We actually had to lend our head phones to a little girl who was petrified of the fireworks. She was able to enjoy the end of the fireworks once she had our head phones on! 




Kids Earmuffs Hearing Protection - Adjustable Ear Defenders Padded Baby Ear Protector Noise Reduction Ear Muffs For Children, Infants, Small Adults, Pink


11 Take a blow up baby pool to be used for a bathtub. These cost only a few dollars and are a safe way to give baby a bath. We pitched ours right before leaving. One less item to take home.  Also take bath items.


12. Pack plastic ziploc bags of all sizes. These can be used for washcloths or to carry snacks in. I like to pack baby’s extra outfits in a gallon sized Ziploc, this makes outfit changes easy as you now have a bag to store soiled or wet clothes in.


13. Infant Tylenol is must. Hopefully you won’t need to use it, but it’s nice to have it on hand.


14.Pack baby toys and pool toys. Purchasing fun new toys for the trip is a good idea, so baby has something new and exciting to entertain them. In quiet places like restaurants and buses is a great time to pull out a toy to entertain your little one. 

15. Baby blankets and clothes for any weather condition. Rain or shine, weather doesn't stop you in Disney! You must be packed for anything that comes your way. We had many layers and pajamas packed with us at all times. Muslin blankets also make a great sunshield clipped across the front of the stroller, making nap time much easier while keeping cool. 

Let me know in the comments below if you packed anything that really came in handy during your vacation.


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