Sleek Abs Workout

Lets get your abs feeling tight and toned. Nothing is better then a sleek flat tummy.


Lets begin...


Warm up: Standing up straight, pull your transverse abdominal up and in. This is not the same as sucking in. Focus on your lower abs pulling them up and in.

Pull them up and in 4  times holding as long as possible.


Exercise 1-LEG LIFTS-  Lie on the floor on your back, extend your legs straight up towards the ceiling. Pull your back to the floor and lift your hips off the groud. Remember to lift your feet towards the ceiling not your head.


Exercise 2- CRUNCHES WITH LEGS LIFTED- Staying in the same postion with the legs up in the air, begin crunching your upper body up. Remember to keep your chin lifted away from your chest and lower back pulled to the floor.


Exercise 3-LEG EXTENTIONS- Lying on the floor on your back with your head relaxed, slide your feet on the floor stright out. Lift 1-3 inches off the ground. Once extended all the way out, lie your feet back on the ground and pull back in.







Exercise 4- PLANK ANKLE TAPS- Flip over to plank for this one. Lift one leg off the ground and tap it over your opposite ankle. Switching back and forth between legs. Remember to keep your body in a straight line from your head all the way down your spine to your toes. Remeber to keep your bottom in a nuetral postion, not floating up in the air or sinking down.


Exercise 5- SIDE TO SIDE PLANKS-Start in plank position, then flip over to a side plank placing one arm on the ground holding you up. The other arm extened up in the air. Switch side to side.








Warm Up- Pull Ins 4 times

Exercise 1- Leg lifts    10 reps

Exercise 2- Cruches with legs lifted  10 reps

Exercise 3-Leg extentions     10 reps

Exercise 4-Plank ankle taps   10 reps (5each side)

Exercise 5- Side to Side planks 10 reps (5 each side)

Exercise 1- Leg lifts    20 reps

Exercise 2- Cruches with legs lifted  20reps

Exercise 3-Leg extentions     20 reps

Exercise 4-Plank ankle taps   10 reps (5each side)

Exercise 5- Side to Side planks 10 reps (5 each side)

Cool Down- Upward facing dog

Flatten your tummy with this Sleek Abs Workout !

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