Training and Nutrition Guides

21 Days to Shred

25 page digital copy is designed to reset your body and metabolism. This 3 phase meal plan will defoxify your body and get rid of bloat. 


Hourglass Body Guide

25 page digital copy is designed with food lists and meal plan formulation. Week by week instructions of 

lifting and cardio workouts.

Everything you need to know to get a rocking figure, build lean muscle, and lose fat in 8 weeks.


"Kaylee has more than just knowledge about health and fitness; she has a passion.  She is dedicated to helping anyone and everyone that she speaks with to get on a healthy track.  My first encounter with Kaylee was years ago…I was referred to her by a friend to make me a meal plan- she did more than that.  She customized this meal plan to work with my daily routine by asking me about my work/gym schedule as well as asking about my priorities when it came to food- my biggest guilty pleasure was chocolate & she even allowed me one piece of chocolate every day…this definitely helped curb the cravings!  & years later…with many scheduling changes…I reached out to her and she altered my meal plan & gave me other options to fit into my busier life.  Kaylee's meal plan had me in the best shape of my life and her guidelines have helped me lead a much healthier one, too!"

"I like to give special thanks to Kaylee's Fitness for all the advice and help getting me started and keeping me motivated. Trying to figuring out what to eat, when to eat etc and what my body needed before, during and after a workout was the hard part. She guided me in the right direction with food choices and workouts that all worked together to help build muscle and lose weight more efficiently. Thank you Kaylee for everything."

"These two are the best testimony!!! They look amazing! Kaylee is supporting me reach my fitness goals and I'm even states away from her! I have to be swim suit ready all year long in Miami!! Already, I can see and feel the difference with the meal and workout plans she designed just for me. Down 4 pounds in 2 weeks and counting!!!"

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